The rainbow will be reframed now?

"To become a better writer, instead of focusing what people are doing right, I focus on what people are doing wrong" ¹

There was a time, in my youthful daydreams, when I believed that it was possible to live off writing. I just correctly predicted to sit in a cafeteria with an eye lost at the traffic lights. Scribbling about trying to overcome the prevailing morality: where you are either good or bad. Nothing half good, half bad. No middle ground. It is either in darkness or in light. No darkness, no shadow, no half-light. Or black or white. Moral gray is very undefined.

At some point, we all know what it takes to have a good life and career. It’s the usual: Take care of yourself, sleep enough, don’t take things too seriously, laugh a little, meditate, be kind to your loved ones, show compassion, avoid short-term gratification, etc. There’s nothing complicated about that. ²

And I see my friends are using more and more euphemisms nowadays! Especially the kind who only allows moral relief. But we must never lower morality, otherwise, we will return to barbarism. Of course, there is not a single mentally healthy person who has never been “free” to defend dogmas. The problem is when we don’t even know which ones are ours.

That’s why, for many of us, distance remains more rewarding than coming face to face with other people. Or write in … The smartphone is providing us with a thousand services, we agree on that … And, as the controversies surrounding the economy of attention demonstrate, entertainment is one of them. Exaggerated even. And then, let’s face it: there are usually more twists to our Twitter feed than to our lives, more shocking confidences in our texts than in our pillow. We are so prepared to be angry at something every day that it is almost disappointing when there is no annoying tweet to share or a piece of our moral territory invaded on our phones for us to defend.

“Pragmatism believes that a mind is a tool. Your mind must work for you, not against you. People who do not dominate their mind, do not believe that it is possible.”³

Given the pace of technology, I propose that we leave science to machines and live outside. Where the human mind is not fed with any doctrine, it is simply at the mercy of the first petty sophistry or cynical generalization of two cents that you can hear from a fast schoolmate or a vulgar employer.

So, I’m just an ordinary guy trying to understand the world that is not a computer program that scans large databases for specific keywords and search queries … Then above all: I spend a little more time trying to do something of myself and a little less time trying to impress people.4 Somebody says: What you are, what you have is not enough to be what you represent to others. And it shouldn’t same, because

“To be a good human being is to have a kind of openness to the world, an ability to trust uncertain things beyond your own control”, the philosopher Martha Nussbaum.

Everyone warned me that it would be very challenging, I didn’t believe it. All I could think of before I got here was the love of my family and friends. I love to write. However, this is not enough in a Machiavellian world, where all actions can and are separated from God and morals. Where even affections and their times are also crossed by the possibilities of paper, pen, machine, typing, mail, email, smartphone, video, WhatsApp. Everything such!

I came to understand that the world is flawed and ideals are dilemmas. And everyone wants to be pragmatic. The realist. The cultural scientist. But I do not. I refuse to obtain any joy from the failures of the world. In the end, we always created what we fear, like Voldemort, who feared death so much and created Harry Potter to end up killing him …


“Things are not the same anymore, but the stars stay at your place.
Sometimes things don’t go according to plan. Tools break, wires get crossed, the patience falls apart. And on those occasions, it helps to know exactly what happened — so it doesn’t happen again. Moments like these are when we wait for a simple answer but a remarkably effective process: Why? … 5

Nobody knows tomorrow because it hasn’t crossed your eyes yet. Because tomorrow we don’t know, but today is here, today we live. But the rainbow be reframed now? Genesis tells you this answer. There is an eternity in the Spirit. By the time your eyes open in the present, the future has already become your past. And I believe can fly.



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Lucas pinduca

Lucas pinduca


I like to think I'm part cultural voyeur mixed with a splash of aspiring behavioral scientist & wannabe motivational Christian speaker and writer.